Glowing Waters

Glowing Waters is the third photo of the Midnight Sun series. This warming image was captured by photographer Rowan van der Waal during the rising morning sun on a midsummer night in the Lofoten, in Northern Norway. The diverse orange, yellow and blue tints create a soft color spectrum ranging from the upper sky all the way down into the waters of the fjord below. As the clouds were floating below the position of the photographer when the photo was shot, these clouds glow in the warming light of the morning sun. The glowing effect of the clouds and the entire fjord couldn’t provide for a more suitable name: “Glowing Waters”.

Technical specifications:

  • All prints will printed on high-quality dibond (photo-paper print on strong 3mm thick aluminium) in the chosen size.
  • Photos will be printed and delivered by a photo print delivery store in the Netherlands selected by Rowan van der Waal Photography.
  • Photographs will have no blank edges (i.e. photo will continue to the border).
  • Photographs may be subject to small color differences between on-screen and print due to the use of different paper types.
  • Photographs are non-refundable. Delivery for the Netherlands is ±7 days, when ordered outside the Netherlands, please add a few more days for shipping.
  • For any other questions, please be in touch.