Rowan van der Waal is a landscape photographer and videographer. With a background in geophysics, he has a keen interest in mountains and rugged rocky landscapes.
Rowan’s work is often created in places that only allow to be captured when travelled by foot, as he believes it is these places that are usually less travelled and inspire people to spend more time in one place rather than just passing by.

“For me, my photography and videography helps me to fully embrace the geologic past of a landscape. By bringing my camera into these places, it helps me to focus on the details that define how a landscape has become what it is at present. Nearly every landscape, especially those rugged ones, have a rich history and have often seen many stages of appearance before they have evolved to what they look like on the work I create today. 
To embrace and learn about those places, I believe it is key to spend more time than “just a visit”, to witness and unravel the natural wonders of a landscape and capture the details it holds within.”

As Rowan enjoys spending extended periods of time to explore a destination, he’s  available for cinematic or photographic work in various locations across the world.

To learn more, please be in touch via contact@rowanvanderwaal.com.


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