Madeira island

Highlights of seven nights at Madeira Island. Stunning mountain ranges, waterfalls and amazing landscapes. From colorful sunrises to severe storms, the island is defined by its diversity, both in flora and in its influence by its climate. Enjoy some of the most wonderful places on this small island in the Atlantic, Madeira has something for all!

Jump right into this video, covering the highlights of our trip in early 2024. A compilation of drone footage, photography and above all, lots of adventure!

Las Bardenas Reales

Short cinematic of the highlights of the largest desert in Europe: Las Bardenas Reales in Spain. We had the opportunity to spend a few days exploring this depression in the Ebro Valley by car and by foot during various moments of the day.
The steep sandstone peaks and wide open plains allow for some dramatic drone footage, as well as provide an adventurous terrain to explore and get muddy.

Lofoten ISlands

Cinematic footage of various trails and peaks in the Lofoten Islands. These are a combination of on-the-ground footage of the trail itself as well as aerial shots captured along the route and on the tops of the peaks. 


Our last hike during late summer of 2023. Upon the start of autumn, we ascended up the Tindstinden, near the village of Sørvågen on Moskenesøya. A steep but rather short ascent, passing some waterfalls and stunning lakes and a few short cliff-sections, before it leads to a wonderful viewpoint towards the far South of the Lofoten. In the distance, on a clear day, Værøy can be observed and one the evening of our visit, it showed a warm, glowing colour of the setting sun. We would definitely recommend this hike during a sunset, as the sun set right behind the Western mountains of the Lofoten National Park when timed right, creating wonderful conditions on the lake below and the distant valleys.


A short cinematic about the famous Reinebringen hike. On a late summer evening, we took the 1978 steps up the Reinebringen ridge about the town of Reine. As the sun set, the colors of the sky changed slightly orange and pink, although being late in the season caused the sun to be setting behind the mountains to the North. The first 15 seconds describe the entire trip as it is a quite monotonous stairway all the way to the top. Given its popularity, it was quite busy at the top, not ranking it to on of our favorite Lofoten hikes, although still providing stunning views! Worth a trip.


Narvtinden, one of our final hikes during the night for summer 2023. As the sun already went down for quite a few hours during the first half of August, we set to conquer this unknown, somewhat challenging peak near the village of Mølnarodden on Moskenesøya. We started a couple of hours after midnight, making it to the top just in time for an astonishing sunrise. As the sun casted its first light over the peaks of Vestvågøy, the mountains on the East side of Moskenesøya turned golden. With the fjord in between and the dramatic peaks as far as the eye could see, standing on top of such a mountain feels more like we were dreaming.


Hiking up the well known Mannen peak in the Lofoten Islands during summer season means the best time would be at night. As the midnight sun season had come to an end, the four of us picked a foggy evening to see if we could make it above the clouds before sunrise. We were not disappointed; before reaching the halfway mark, we were greeted by a full cloud inversion to the South-West and an open sky to the North-East. The ever changing colours left us in awe as the hours of the night progressed and the sun started a new day.


A hike up a hidden gem in the Lofoten Islands. Tønsåsheia is still very unknown to tourism, but this steep trail on Flakstadøya is very undoubtedly one of the most stunning we’ve came across. As the clouds inverted, the distant views from the peak at 762 m.a.s.l. were absolutely unparalleled by most other peaks we had yet seen.


A relatively gentle climb, but somewhat longer than other peaks on the Lofoten Islands, Justadtinden provides fantastic views over Vestvågøy, all the way to the ocean and even mainland Norway. During our ascent we crossed a full inversion of clouds, creating an unreal and stunning ambiance once we submerged from the fog.


A short cinematic during the ascent of Offersøykammen on Vestvågøy in the Lofoten Islands. These magical moments were captured during the hours the sun was only just above the horizon, allowing for mesmerizing views and ever changing colours across it’s surrounding peaks and fjords.


During the summer of 2023, we hiked the Stornappstinden, a lesser known peak in the Lofoten Islands. The footage on top of this magnificent mountain on Flakstadøya was captured during the midnight sun in July, casting wonderful golden and purple colours across the rugged landscapes.