Light,Lines & Layers

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Are you ready to bring your landscape photography to the next level? In this e-book, I’ve captured 9 different aspects to upgrade your compositions to story-telling imagery. In this compact e-book, I’ll teach you the what to look for when you are out in the field, composing your shots. These days we learn a tremendous amount of post-processing, but I believe every really captivating photograph starts when you press the shutter. Therefore, in this e-book, you will hardly find any post-processing learnings. Instead, it is filled with guidance for your time outdoors, with your camera. 

We’ll touch upon 9 different aspects of photography, all from a creative perspective. There’s no technical references as what settings to use, but it will teach your eye what to look for and how to position yourself and your camera. This is your opportunity to never have to say your photographs miss “depth” or “it looked better in reality”. You will no longer need to wait for the “right weather conditions”, as there’s something in all weather conditions and in this e-book, you’ll learn how to take advantage of all of them! 

Excited? Buy Light, Lines and Layers and get photographing right away! The e-book is available for desktop, mobile and tablet, but you can also print it and bring it with you!

Original price was: € 29,95.Current price is: € 14,95.

What will you learn?

I have written the book in the 3 sections, following the title: Light, Lines and Layers. The 9 aspects we will discuss in detail are:



Light Direction: how to orient your camera with respect to the sun?

Color: What conditions of weather impact color, when to get out and why a blue sky might not be what you are looking for.

Mood: What are you trying to convey to your observer? How do you bring that mood across?



Leading Lines: how do you guide the observer’s eye through your picture. Learn about the paths between you and the subject(s).

Minimalism: Intentionally leaving the lines out or creating an abstract image – how minimalism can captivate.



Background: What makes a good background, how to create depth?

Foreground: The importance of a foreground, how to position the foreground with respect to the background and how it makes an interesting addition to your photographs.

Subject: What is a good subject? Where should the subject be and how much of your photo should the subject fill?

Scale: What is the right scale of a photograph, where is the action happening, how to make good use of cropping or zooming.

With these 9 aspects, you will be able to quickly enhance your photographs without needing to study books or follow extensive courses. You may think now, Rowan, why buy this e-book, this information may be available from out sources as well. Yes, you’re quite right, if you have extensive time and effort you will be able to find similar information across the web. But this e-book intends to help you jump right into the action, carry all the information you need into the field and be able to easily access it on your phone whilst shooting your best images! Can’t wait to get started? Buy the shortguide and get started today!


Original price was: € 29,95.Current price is: € 14,95.


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Great guide!
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Fantastic e-book. The tips Rowan describes are really applicable to my photography style and have significantly increased the quality of my shots! Thank you!
Very educational
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Stunning images! Before buying Rowan's book I was struggling with finding compositions. Now, I just carry around the e-book on my phone and I grab it everytime I'm out photographing.
Easy reading
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Easy read, good explanation and nice photos.
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Just splendid! This is what I was looking for a long time. Most books and courses teach about what I can do behind the computer, but this really helps me capturing the right photos.
Good book
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The guide has helped me make better photos. Really good work summarizing Rowan!
Creative and insightful
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This book has sparked my creativity in photography even more. I really think the lessons where insightful and easily explained. Good examples.

Original price was: € 29,95.Current price is: € 14,95.